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DHQ Kris Moskov

International Twerk Convention 2018 Exponent & Judge

Winner of Dancehall Queen Australia 2017,

Das SuperTalent, Germany Semi - Finalist 2016,

Australia’s Got Talent 2016 - #AussieTwerkTeam Performer & Main Choreographer.

Miss Twerk Australia 2015 Main Adjudicator.

*Has been all around the world with her workshops*

Latonya Style Female Dancehall “Stylish Moves” Level I & II Certified Instructor.

AussieTwerk.com & TwerkSchool.com Co - Owner & Main Choreographer.


Hi Bootyful,

My name is Kris and I’m the co - founder and instructor at AussieTwerk.com & TwerkSchool.com

My passion to twerk started long time ago and I think it brought me to where I’ve meant to be.

I travelled all around Australia, New Zealand and Asia with my workshops. I won Dancehall Queen Australia 2017 and was lucky to demonstrate my skills in such shows as Australia’s Got Talent 2016 and Germany Das Talent 2016. Last Autumn my freestyle video filmed in Auckland, New Zealand hit more than three million views on YouTube making people from all around the world message me if I ever offer classes online. There is a great number of people living in the rural places wanting to learn the Art of Twerking, there is a number of people whose working hours do not allow them to attend classes in the local dance studio, so I decided to launch Twerk School Online to simplify the learning process, share my knowledge and make Twerking accessible for ANYONE to learn, even if they live hundreds of kilometers away from the studio. With this course all you need is a room and Internet. In December 2017 I launched BEGINNER TWERK COURSE ONLINE In less than 7 months more than 100 people successfully completed the course eager to learn more advanced steps & techniques, so I just had to come back to the studio and film the NEXT LEVEL for them and for all my future students. I launched INTERMEDIATE TWERK COURSE ONLINE in October 2018 and TWERK N HEELS COURSE ONLINE in April 2019. My school was noticed and I was interviewed by Daily Mail. After the interview the number of students enrolling daily quadrupled. It is something unreal to wake up in the morning and see people from Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London, Singapore joining your school and messaging you that they love the course and can't wait to get to next level.


I started to get private messages on Insta from my online students asking me if I can give them a private lessons via Skype or any other platform. They loved the course, but two girls were preparing for the comp and wanted me to help them create a choreography, I've had one lady from Houston asking me if I can help her create a choreography that she wants to perform for her husband's 50s Birthday... I had one Twerk Instructor in Singapore asking me if I could help her and polish her technique before her video shoot for her YouTube Channel. I sent a newsletter to all my students asking if they will be interested in me offering private lessons online. Next morning I woke up, refreshed my Inbox and there were 19 emails from my students asking me to do it! Next minute I said to Alex (my partner) - I AM DOING IT! My online Twerk School Students is my Family and I wanna help them whether it be technique or any special event they are preparing for.


I'll see you online. Stay Bootyful.

Kris Xx

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